Foam stabilizer (Water-based ammonium salt of fatty acid-DT-1008)

3D彩票Technical index:

Item Index
Molecular formula C18H360•NH4
Appearance Silvery white liquid
Solid 18%-30%
viscosity ≤35mpa.s(25°C)
Ph 9-11


3D彩票This product is a high stable water-dispersed ammonium salt of fatty acid made of import high grade fatty acid in primary soap method; it can be dispersed in water system in any proportion, can effectively drop the surface tension of liquid, is a good foam stabilizer, with excellent bubble stability.

Range of application: This product used in foam dyeing, intumescent coating and foaming flocking as foam stabilizer, emulsifier, dispersant, lubricant.

Dosage: 10-20%.

3D彩票Packing & storage: 120KG Plastic drum or following your demands. Kept in room, avoid freeze. Shelf period 6 months.


3D彩票Reference only, do experiment before use.